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Drug addiction rehab is intended to help individuals suffering from addiction and other substance use disorders, stop compulsively using and seeking drugs. Treatment can take place in a variety of forms and time periods. Drug addiction rehab typically occurs in one of two treatment settings, either outpatient or inpatient treatment. Outpatient treatment takes place at a treatment facility, patients are required to engage in treatment over a period of time. Inpatient treatment also takes place at a treatment facility, however patients are required to reside in the facility during their treatment phase. Inpatient treatment tends to be more intensive than outpatient, however both forms of treatment have shown to be effective in treating addiction. Nonetheless, all forms of treatment share the common goal of helping individuals achieve complete sobriety.

What Is the Purpose of Drug Addiction Rehab?

The main goal of drug addiction rehab are to assist individuals through their pathway to recovery from addiction. Drug addiction rehab was created with the intention of providing individuals with the treatment, care, and support they need for a complete recovery from addiction. The purpose of drug addiction rehab is to provide individuals with a long-term treatment process which implements the use of multiple treatment interventions and consistent supervision.

Recognizing the Need for Opiate Rehab Center Edison

Are you concerned that you or your loved one are in need of treatment for addiction or a drug use problem? Recognizing the need for addiction recovery treatment can be challenging. The course that addiction takes in a person's life varies from person to person. Some people's addiction will be fully visible, while others may be high functioning addicts who are capable of concealing their drug using patterns and behaviors. If you are concerned there may be a presence of a substance use problem, the following are common signs and symptoms that can help you identify a heroin use problem:

  • Loss of control of use of heroin
  • Unsuccessful attempts to reduce or cease use of heroin
  • Using heroin under unsafe conditions (i.e. using heroin while caring for an infant or small child)
  • Presence of drug paraphernalia on the person or among their belongings (i.e. needles, burnt spoons, small plastic bags & etc.)
  • Experiencing symptoms of withdrawal when heroin use has been significantly reduced or ceased
  • Experiencing negative health consequences in relation to heroin use
  • Experiencing legal troubles in relation to heroin use
  • Lying, cheating, and/or stealing as a means to obtain or use heroin
  • Experiencing troubles in relationships with friends and family in relation to heroin use
  • Failure to meet commitments and obligations in relation to heroin use
  • Loss of interest and motivation in relation to heroin use

If you or your loved one are experiencing more than one of the common signs and symptoms of heroin abuse, we strongly recommend seeking help.

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