Medical Detox in Edison, NJ

Medical detox in Edison provides medical supervision during a controlled withdrawal from drugs or alcohol. Stopping drug or alcohol use suddenly without any supervision or assistance is called natural detox, or more commonly known as cold turkey.

By comparison, medical detox for drugs or alcohol is designed to manage the acute physical symptoms of withdrawal in a safe environment. The medical detox process is just the first step in any comprehensive treatment program and is designed to rid the body of the toxins of the drug of addiction.

Seeking treatment for medical detox in Edison can improve the chance of making a successful recovery from substance abuse or addiction. However, detox on its own doesn't address the underlying psychological triggers behind addictive use.

Types of Drug Detox

There are a number of different detox options for stopping use of drugs or alcohol. The type of medical detox process that is right for your needs will depend on the drug being taken and length of use, the severity of the addiction, and any co-occurring mental health conditions that could make withdrawal symptoms worse.

Some types of drug detox options include:

Natural detox: Natural detox is more commonly known as going ‘cold turkey' and simply involves stopping use of the drug. Withdrawal symptoms usually emerge within hours of the last dose. As many symptoms of withdrawal can be potentially dangerous, it's never advised to try stopping drugs or alcohol without proper medical supervision.

Medical detox: The medical detox process involves administering prescription replacement medications, such as methadone or Suboxone, under medical supervision to safely manage withdrawal from opioid drugs. The dosage of treatment medication is tapered down over a period of time so the person becomes free from both types of drugs.

Medicated detox: Medicated detox doesn't use replacement medication to wean the person off the drug of addiction slowly. Instead, prescription medications may be given to treat any symptoms of withdrawal that emerge. For example, some patients may be given antidepressants or anticonvulsants or anti-anxiety medications to manage the symptoms of detox. Others may require sleep medication to help treat symptoms of insomnia or non-addictive painkillers to help manage aches and pains associated with the medical detox process.

Why Is It Dangerous to Detox at Home?

Many of the symptoms associated with detox can be potentially dangerous. Some symptoms may even require emergency medical assistance, especially if the person tries to stop usage of alcohol or some types of sedative drugs suddenly.

For example, detoxing from stimulant drugs like methamphetamine can cause profound depression that may lead to suicidal thoughts and tendencies. Symptoms of psychosis can also emerge if usage is stopped suddenly. As the person in detox is at risk of causing harm to themselves and to those around them, it's important the detox process is completed in a residential rehab facility under medical supervision.

Likewise, trying to stop consumption of alcohol suddenly after a period of prolonged heavy drinking can cause serious withdrawal symptoms that can include irregular heartbeat, elevated blood pressure, risk of stroke and seizures. Trying to detox at home without proper supervision and access to emergency medical services could put the person at serious risk.

Going cold turkey at home without specialist medical supervision in drug detox centers can also increase the risk of relapse. During addictive substance use it's common for the user to develop tolerance to the drug of addiction.

After a period of abstinence, the person's tolerance levels drop. If the person relapses and takes the same doses they were taking prior to the detox process, the risk of accidental overdose is significantly increased.

Seek Treatment at Our Medical Detox Center in Edison, NJ

Anyone struggling to break free from the cycle of addictive substance use should consider seeking help for medical detox in Edison. Having access to the necessary monitoring and supervision throughout medical detox for drugs and alcohol can reduce the risk of relapse and provide a safe environment for the person to focus on the recovery process.

Our relapse prevention programs in Edison provide patients with the tools to develop coping skills. They can then use these coping skills whenever they're faced with relapse triggers, stressful events, or any other high-risk situations.

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