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Edison Drug Rehab Centers understand that while addiction is not your fault, it also requires the help of others to cure yourself of the disease. Addiction is the result of a drug or behavior, which may have even been prescribed to you, changing the function and structure of your brain. Whether it is alcohol addiction, drug addiction, or any other addictive behavior, a drug addiction rehab will be equipped with all the necessary tools to guide you to recovery.

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What Do We Need to Live?

If we follow Maslow's hierarchy of essential necessities, the most basic needs such as having food, water, and air to breathe must be satisfied before we can fully realize our potential and purpose in life. A drug addiction will interfere with these physiological needs by making it difficult to breathe, ruining appetites, or promoting unhealthy diets.

For example, the "munchies" that drugs like marijuana simulate for its users promotes unhealthy habits of eating. Also, alcoholics consume a large number of their daily calories in the form of their beverage which lacks the balance of nutrients that they need to avoid malnutrition.

Edison Drug Rehab Centers offers treatment solutions to these primary bodily issues by placing you or your addicted loved one in a drug and alcohol rehab facility. Some of the drug treatment programs in Edison include:

  • Nutritional therapy teaches and informs the patient of healthy choices and eating habits
  • Yoga involves breathing techniques which improve the respiratory process.
  • Acupuncture and Chiropractic therapy increase the responsiveness of the tissues and nerves that may be damaged or subdued by the drug.

Drug addiction programs are tailored to fit the individual needs of the patient to ensure a successful recovery process. If one cannot feel safe in their own body, they will barely be able to feel safe in their environment. This is the next level of priority in the hierarchy.

Seek Treatment Options with the Help of Edison Drug Rehab Centers

Once the biological needs are satisfied, next we must have a safe place to stay. Drug addiction unsurprisingly exposes addicts to toxic situations and environments that can cause uneasiness in the addict's inner functions. Methods of obtaining illicit drugs or prescription drugs beyond the prescribed amount can lead to meeting with dealers or those who are prone to criminal activity, often resulting in legal or financial problems.

These can snowball to consequences as dire as incarceration or the inability to afford a secure home in a safe neighborhood. Dealing with illicit substances can also create paranoia or fear of arrest, and when coupled with the hallucinogenic effect of some drugs like LSD, PCP, and MDMA can produce horrific nightmares.

Inpatient rehab will separate you from the toxicity and hostility of your previous environment and provide you with the security and comfort that you need to focus on recovering and tracing your problems to the root. Rehab centers with drug detox programs in Edison consist of medical professionals who will supervise you during the detox process. They will monitor the harmful withdrawal symptoms and adjust medications as necessary to provide you the safest, most comfortable, and fastest path to recovery.

Addiction Treatment Help From Edison Drug Rehab Centers

After fostering a safe environment, drug and alcohol rehab centers proceed to the addressing the necessity to belong in a community where you feel safe and loved. While a drug addiction may intensify a lack of family support by distancing them further from those connections. Family members may disown or lose trust in an addict who betrays them in order to preserve their substance, which makes it that much more difficult for them to gain the support they need.

Addiction counselors provide tools that can mend those conflicts with family and group therapy to give patients the opportunity to create life-long relationships and to regain the trust of their family in order to re-build their connections for long-term support. This ensures the patient that they have a lesser chance of relapsing. Relapse prevention programs in Edison helps patients to develop coping skills to better handle both cravings and adjusting to their new life of sobriety.

The treatment facilities that work with Edison Drug Rehab Centers finalize this process with cognitive behavioral therapy to strengthen the individual decision making and instincts of the addict. By redirecting harmful behaviors to positive thinking, addicts can be proactive in preventing their return to drug abuse.

Addiction is not just an inability to quit using a substance, it's also the addictive behavior that allows the drug to re-enter the system even after becoming sober. It is often the case that a co-occurring disorder, such as depression, which may fuel the addiction, also exists in the patient. This is why dual diagnosis treatment programs are necessary to fully fight off an addiction.

By giving patients positive attitudes, addiction counselors give them the confidence and self-esteem that they need to control their surroundings and live fulfilling lives. If you or your loved one are ready to take control of life again, call Edison Drug Rehab Centers at (732) 831-7067 now. We will pair you with the treatment facility that will help you to achieve lifelong sobriety.

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