What Happens at Drug Rehab Clinics

Worried about entering recovery? Finding out what happens at drug rehab clinics will ease your concerns

Seeking treatment for drug addiction is never easy, but finding out what happens at drug rehab clinics can ease your concerns about entering recovery. At Edison Drug Rehab Centers, we understand that one of the hardest things about making the commitment to enter recovery is the uncertainty about what will happen once you start treatment. Knowing the steps you will take once you enter one of our drug rehab clinics will make it easier for you to have the confidence to enter treatment and start your journey to recovery.


The first step when you enter drug rehab clinics is figuring out what treatment will provide your best path to recovery. An experienced addiction specialist will perform an in-depth assessment to identify if you have any co-occurring conditions in addition to your substance abuse that will affect your recovery. These conditions may include mental health issues, such as depression, an eating disorder, or anxiety. Your rehab treatment may need to address more than one type of substance abuse, as in the case of co-occurring benzodiazepine and alcohol addictions. Often, nutrition issues develop in the course of drug abuse that need to be addressed during recovery. Once the counselor has determined the issues you need to treat, addiction specialists will decide the best course of treatment. Together, you will develop a drug rehab treatment plan for your recovery.

Medical Detox

Detoxification from the substances you have been abusing is a necessary step to recovery. Withdrawal from substance abuse is never pleasant, but it is an essential part of drug rehab. Drug withdrawal symptoms can be extremely unpleasant and even life-threatening if left untreated, so at the drug rehab facilities Edison offers, you can undergo medically supervised detox with staff on hand to manage your symptoms so detox is as comfortable as possible. The course of treatment you receive will be determined the severity of your addiction and the particular substances you have been abusing.

Our staff may administer medication in the place of the drugs and give you doses that taper off so you don't experience major withdrawal symptoms, or medication may be used to lessen the severity of symptoms you experience from stopping drug use. Our medical staff will ensure your health and wellbeing through the detox process.

Behavioral therapy and rehab

Once you are past the most acute phase of withdrawal, you will begin treatment for your drug addiction. The most effective course of treatment for drug addiction is a stay in an inpatient drug treatment program. At Edison inpatient drug treatment centers, residents stay in a nurturing environment where the entire focus is on treating the causes of your drug addiction and making sure you have the tools to avoid future relapses. If you are not able to spend time away from family or work, outpatient drug rehab will provide the best treatment option. Even though you will live at home and attend counseling and therapy sessions on an outpatient basis, it will require a significant time commitment. An intensive schedule of drug counseling and therapies will ensure you get the tools you need for recovery.

Whether you receive addiction treatment on an outpatient or inpatient basis, the drug rehab facilities Edison offers will provide a wide variety of therapies to help you. You will gain valuable recovery skills at cognitive behavioral therapy sessions that help you learn strategies for coping with drug cravings. Group and individual therapy sessions will help you to understand the cause of your addiction and its effect on your life and those around you, while helping you rebuild your life and relationships. At peer support groups, you will build a supportive community that will stay committed to your recovery.

Entering treatment at a drug rehab clinic can be scary, but it is the first step to overcoming your addiction so you can enjoy a brighter, drug-free future. Call the addiction specialists at Edison Drug Rehab Centers today at 732-831-7067 to get started. Our caring addiction specialists will help you find the best treatment options to get you on the path to recovery.



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